Tuesday 3/9/21: Double Exposure, Double the Fun!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Notebook Check
  • Double Exposure Project

Double Exposure Project

Create a total of TWO double exposure photographs. Turn them in as individual files on the Teams assignment: “Double Exposure” by Thursday 3/11/21. Include a paragraph to explain each double exposure composite.

*Reminder: make your portrait black and white with high contrast first! *

1.Use a portrait of yourself + a landscape photo to produce an aesthetically pleasing composite. The landscape photo should express something about you and it can be from an online source. Don’t settle for the first thing you make, spend time creating something that you believe looks good. Sometimes you have to try different photos or try rotating or enlarging the landscape photo. Watch this video to see how quickly you can swap out a photo and rotate/enlarge, etc…

2.Create a ANOTHER double exposure of your choice from the following menu (ONLY CHOOSE ONE):

  • Use a portrait of yourself plus another photo that YOU have taken to produce and aesthetically pleasing composite. (The second photo should not be a landscape).
  • Combine two portraits of yourself to produce an interesting composite.
  • Surrealism: combine two photos you have taken to create something weird, strange, or dream like.
  • Use a portrait of yourself plus a photo of an animal to produce an aesthetically pleasing composite (animal photo can be from online source). The animal should express something about you.
  • Combine two images to speak about a subject or issue that is important to you. (One photo must be taken by you).

Some inspiration (student produced and some from the Internet):



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