Thursday 2/10/22: Digital Collage Part 2 & 3

Today’s Agenda:

  • Complete assignments on Teams!  Progress reports will be submitted tomorrow!
  • Digital Collage Part 2 & 3

Digital Collage Part 2

Take a look at this PowerPoint with various types of collages, techniques, composition, and ideas:  All About Collages

Create a blog post that answers the following questions:

  1. Was the anything in the “All About Collages” PowerPoint that you found interesting or that inspired you in any way?  Explain.
  2. What are some ideas you have for your digital collage so far?
  3. Are there any themes you want to concentrate on?
  4. Is there a look, aesthetic, technique, feeling, or social issue you want to incorporate into your collage?
  5. What would you want viewers to think or feel when they see your collage?

Feel free to add any collages or screenshots from the PowerPoint as a gallery to this post to use as visual reference later.

In addition, maybe make a list of words that come to mind (brainstorm) for your collage (pretty, natural, vintage, modern, geometric, weird, scary, intricate, chaotic, organized, empowerment, culture, history, etc.). Consider this post your brainstorming/planning post that you can add to.

Digital Collage Part 3

Begin collecting images to use on your collage! Create a folder in your OneDrive titled, “Digital Collage” and save images in there.

You can save photos from the Internet as well as incorporate your own photos. 

(Besides Google Images, I also like using free stock photos from sites like but last time I checked that site was blocked on campus for students. See if it’s blocked from your school laptop at home. If so, you can use your phone to save the photos to your camera roll and then to your OneDrive.)

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