Individual Photo Challenge #1

Choose one of the photo cards below for your first individual photo challenge!

Due Wednesday 9/21/22


  • For each challenge, you must take at least 20 photos.
  • Then choose your best 2-3 photos to edit using Lightroom.
  • You must use a DSLR camera on aperture priority, shutter priority, or manual mode.
  • I recommend starting with a 400 ISO and only increase if necessary (but you can lower it if it’s super sunny and bright).

Posting instructions:

  • Edit your photos in Lightroom, export as JPG (large) this time.
  • Post your 2-3 edited photos individually and caption with the camera settings.
  • Then add a gallery to show the 20+ photos you took for the challenge.
  • Finally, add the card you chose so we know which challenge you did (save the card image or screenshot with snipping tool).


Student Examples:

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