Thursday 3/30/23: New Photo Challenge Options!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Introducing new Photo Challenge options to choose from!
  • Get caught up!!!!
  • You must turn in the Portrait Preparation PowerPoint that was due Tuesday before you can go out to take photos.

When you decide on a photo challenge, you should do a quick Google Image search for ideas to plan out your shots:

  • “shadow photography”
  • “reflection photography”
  • “abstract photography”
  • “product photography”
  • “group portrait photography/band photography”
  • “obscured/conceptual self-portrait”, etc. 

Apply the knowledge you’ve learned about what makes a good photograph, such as: sharp focus, good exposure, unique camera angles, good composition, appropriate editing, creativity, emotion, drama, storytelling…

You may choose any photo challenge from either list.  We have two more challenges left, make them count and have some fun with them!

Original Photo Challenge Options: Photo Challenges

New Photo Challenge Options: Extra Photo Challenges

Check out some photo challenges from past students below. For current student examples, head to the Photo 1 Gallery on this class blog. 🙂

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