Friday 8/4/23: Analyzing Photographs

Today’s Agenda:

  • Introductions-Getting to know your classmates
  • Analyzing photographs

Analyzing Photographs in 4 steps:

Fold a piece of paper twice, to make four boxes.  Number each box in the top left corner.

You and your partner will answer the following questions in each corresponding box regarding the photograph you received.

  1. Describe: What do you see in the photo? Make a list and try to not miss ANYTHING!
  2. Analyze: How was the photo made? How was it composed? What decisions did the photographer make?
  3. Interpret: What messages can this image express, to you or others?  What do you think is happening? Does it have a particular mood? How does it make you feel or what does it make you think about?
  4. Evaluate: What do you think of the photo? What do you think was the purpose of the photo?  Is it successful/good?

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