Thurs. 8/10/23: First Blog Post Assignment

Today’s agenda:

  • Continue customizing your blog site if necessary
  • First Blog Post Assignment

First Blog Post Assignment: “About Me”

From your dashboard or from the menu icons found at the top of your site, select Add New Post. If you need a demonstration, grab some headphones from the front table and check out my video tutorial on this PowerPoint: Publishing a Post on Your Blog Site

Title this post “About Me”.

Type a couple paragraphs introducing yourself to your audience (pretend your audience is following your blog to learn photography along with you.). Use full sentences and check your work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your intro should include:

  1. your name, grade level, school you attend, what city you live in
  2. explanation of why you are taking this class and what you hope to learn
  3. any previous experience you have with photography (this includes using your phone camera)
  4. other interests that you have outside of this class (hobbies, talents, favorite subjects, passions or collections you have, etc.)
  5. if you were here for the 4-step critique assignment (whether you participated or just watched the presentations), include an additional paragraph reflecting on what the 4-step critique process has taught you so far or what it made you realize.

You can save your draft if you don’t finish by the end of the period. If you do, then click Publish.  Copy the URL of the published post to attach in the Teams assignment (this is demonstrated in the video tutorial above).

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