Monday 9/11/23: Scavenger Hunt-Elements of Art

Today’s Agenda:

  • Please turn in your Element of Line Photo Project; even if incomplete.
  • Take both quizzes on Teams: Canon Camera Parts & Camera Safety.
  • Begin Scavenger Hunt for various Elements of Art!

Instructions and Criteria for Elements of Art Scavenger Hunt

Due Friday Sept. 15th.

You must take at least 20 photos total.

Use a variety of camera angles + distances for variety and added interest.

Photos must be well-lit and have sharp focus.  

For super close-ups (like for the texture photos), I recommend using manual focus (MF) on the DSLR cameras.

Edit the best 2 photos for each the following elements, so you end up with 8 edited photos total. 

You’ll create one blog post that includes a separate gallery for each of the elements (each gallery will contain your 2 edited photos). Title above each gallery with the element. At the end include a 5th gallery with all 20 original photos that you took.

Shape: these are two dimensional; think squares, triangles, circles, and other organic shapes (like the human shape) that are present in our surroundings. Silhouettes help to accentuate shape- to do this you shoot against the light.

Form: these are 3-dimensional; think cubes, pyramids, spheres or other organic forms. Side lighting usually helps to accentuate form.

Texture: get up close to the surface of subjects.  Texture is how things feel, try to capture a variety of textures with various lighting direction.

Color: color is everywhere. But how can you make it stand out? Find vivid pops of color in dull surroundings, or monochromatic/matching colors within a frame (like someone wearing orange, holding an orange, and walking past orange cones).

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