P.4 Mon. 9/18: Gallery Walk

Today’s Agenda:

  • Gallery Walk/Talk
  • Shutter Speed Review Video and Blog Post

Gallery Walk

On your screen, display your triptych + another first shooting assignments photo you like + your double color portrait. Open them as 3 separate windows and arrange on your screen.

Leave a sheet of notebook paper at your desk for people to write feedback on.

Feedback: let the photographer know what you like about their work.  For the triptychs specifically, I want you to suggest a title for it.

We will sit at every classmate’s seat to view everyone’s work!

Shutter Speed Video

Go to the Links Shortcut channel on Teams to open the class EdPuzzle link.  There you will find a video assignment on shutter speed.  Be prepared to take notes and answer questions along the way!

Shutter Speed Blog Post

Create a blog post that explains to viewers what shutter speed is and how it works. Include the following:

  1. Definition of exposure.
  2. Definition of shutter speed.
  3. How shutter speed affects exposure
  4. How shutter speed affects the way you capture action.
  5. Include photographic images found online (or your own photos that you have saved from last year!) that demonstrate action captured with fast, midrange, and long shutter speeds. Put these in a gallery and caption with which shutter speed they each demonstrate.

Extra resource on exposure and settings: Camera Exposure: Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed (cambridgeincolour.com)

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