P.4 Splash Photography Part 2

Today’s Agenda:

  • Experiment with flash photography to freeze water splashes
  • Complete all past assignments
  • Life in Action photo project
  • Videos on shutter drag techniques

Life in Action Photo Project

Objective: get creative with fast and slow shutter speeds to gain more proficiency with this setting and to express yourself.​

Take your own photos, but you can collaborate with others. Save all the photos you take!

Capture the following subject matter with fast AND slow shutter speeds:​

  • Portrait of a person​
  • Transportation​
  • Food/product photography or object w action​
  • Sports/Dance/Crowds
Posting Instructions​:
  1. Edit your best fast and slow shutter speed photo for each subject matter.
  2. Post the photos as separate galleries for each subject matter so that you end up with 4 galleries consisting of 2 photos each. Caption with camera settings and change link to media file.
  3. THEN add a 5th gallery with all the photos you took for this project.

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