Professional Photographer Website Analysis

Professional Photographer Website Analysis-Blog Post Assignment

Jeff Thatcher Photography

Due: Thursday 4/11/24 before end of the period! Late turn-ins not allowed!

Click this link with questions you’ll need to answer on your blog:

Professional Photographer Analysis

This photographer will present in class this Friday. He is a photographer for an aerospace company during the week and he has a wedding photography business that he does on the side. For this assignment we will analyze his photography business. 🙂

Once you publish your post answering the questions in the document, turn in the link on Teams.


  1. What is the first thing you notice on the home page? Describe what you see.
  2. Read the intro on the home page then click on the “About Me” tab to get to know the photographer a little better. What can you tell about the photographer so far?
  3. Click on the “Photographs & Wedding Films” tab. Browse through all the photo galleries: Wedding, Engagement, and Family. How would you describe his style of photography? What are some words/adjectives/aesthetics that come to mind?
  4. Before the next step, I want you to make some guesses first. Don’t peek! How much do you think the photographer charges to photograph a 60-minute couple’s engagement shoot? How much for a 6-8 hour wedding shoot?
  5. Click on the “Brass Tacks” tab. Scroll down to see the estimated prices, what are they? How close were your guesses? Did the prices surprise you in any way?
  6. Besides the photo shoot itself, what other work/skills do you think goes into running a photography business? Make a list.
  7. What questions do you have for the photographer? List as many as you can think of!
  8. Select a photo that you think is really great. If you want, you can also check out his IG for more photos (@photography). Take a screenshot to save as a JPEG and upload along with your answers to the following questions:
    1. Describe: What do you see in this photo? List absolutely everything you see!
    2. Analyze: How do you think the photographer captured this shot? What rules of composition/ camera angles/lighting/camera settings/framing are being used? How would you describe the editing style?
    3. Interpret: What can the photo communicate? What was the photographer trying to show us? Do any emotions come to mind? Is there a story being told? Does it remind you of anything?
    4. Evaluate: What do you think makes this photo great? Why did you choose this photo?


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