Reviewing Camera Exposure and Camera Setting

1. What is exposure?
a. Exposure is the amount of light that is let in when the picture is taken.
2. What are aperture, shutter speed and ISO?
a. Aperture is the clearness and focus of the picture
b. Shutter Speed is how fast the shutter closes capturing the action or freezing the action
c. ISO is this is how grainy the picture is also the amount of light that goes in
3. When would you need to change your ISO?
a. You would change your ISO when it is too sunny or when it is cloudy
4. What are “stops”?
a. The “stops” are the f stop which is the aperture
5. What is “noise”?
a. The “noise” is referring to ISO which higher ISO could cause a grainy.
6. What are aperture and shutter priority settings and when would you want to use them?
a. The aperture priority is where the ISO and the shutter speed are chosen by the camera to fit your picture best and you only control the aperture which is the depth of field. Which is represented with an A on the camera settings.
b. The shutter priority is where the ISO and the aperture are chosen by the camera to best suit your picture and you control how fast or slow the shutter speed is. Which is represented by the S in the camera settings.
c. You could use the Aperture priority when you want to take a portrait and blur out the background. You could us the Shutter speed priority when you are taking fast action shoots that you want to freeze the actions or when you want to capture all the action in a movement.
7. What are AF modes?
a. The AF modes are one shot AF, Servo AF, and AI Autofocus. The one shot AF is where the focus is lock on the subject you chose when you half press the button to take the picture (it stays locked as long as you have it half way pressed). The servo AF is when the picture is refocusing constantly this is great for sport events. The al autofocus is will automatically from one shot AF to servo AF it will detect movement in the fame.
8. What is white balance and why would you need to change it?
a. White balance is the process of removing unrealistic color cast so that objects appear white.
b. I would need to change it because the picture comes out to blue or orange or yellow.
9. What are drive modes and metering modes?
a. Drive modes are the different camera shots you can take like how many pictures you can with one click of the shutter button.
b. Metering modes are the way that the camera determines the exposure.
10. What is exposure compensation?
a. The Exposure compensation is a plus/minus scale that tells your camera to decrease or increase the exposure.

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