4-Step Critique

Description– The image includes an androgynous person of color wearing a black, somewhat transparent shirt. They are standing in a large body of water and the sky appears to be gloomy but clear. The water goes up to their hips and they have their fingertips in the water. They’re  lifting up their head with their eyes closed, standing up tall.

Analysis– The photo’s point of view is eye level and the focus is on the person. This photographer uses simplicity and a contrast in colors, in order to keep the focus on the person in the picture. The photographer captures the textures in the water such a ripples and small waves. The lighting in this photo is good and adds to the levels of contrast in the colors to help the subject of the picture stand out.

Interpret– The androgynous person standing up tall, face high in the photo symbolizes acceptance. The use of the water represents purity, creating an overall peaceful mood within the photo. The photographer is trying to say that all humans are beautiful and should be unashamed of who they are. We should stand tall and be unapologetic.

Evaluate– This photograph is successful because the combination of the simplicity and contrast in colors creates a photo that is easy on the eyes but still represents a lot. I like how the photographer captured the movement of the water. I enjoy the darker tones used through this photo to create a gloomy appearance but a deep meaning. However, this photo could improve with a small pop of color, such as simply adding shimmery eyeshadow on the model.

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