Peer Portrait Critique

Describe: In the photo, one can see an adolescent female leaning against a wooden wall. She has long, lose curly hair that’s dark towards her roots but fades down into a dirty blonde color. She is wearing a dark gray shirt that contrast with her fair skin. Her skin appears to be very smooth and natural. She has a subtle smile in the photo, connecting eyes with the viewer.

Analyze: The photo uses a lower depth of field because although the wood can be made out, it is subtlety faded. The lighting used is side light because to the right of her is a shadow casted onto the wall. Garage lighting is also being used because she appears to be standing on a porch, only letting in light from one side of her, creating even lighting throughout the photo. The subject is following rule of thirds and her eyes fall onto the grid lines. The background is light and creates a nice contrast against the top half of her dark hair while her dark gray shirt contrast with the lower half of her ombre blonde hair. The photo seems honest and natural with very little editing.

Interpret: The portrait gives off a welcoming feeling. She appears as though she’s ready to listen to you and her gentle grin lets you know she’s friendly. The way that the photo was taken up close creates an intimate mood because we’re in her personal space.

Judge: I Chose this photo because I love how natural it is, from her kind eyes to her rosy cheeks. Overall the portrait came out beautifully and the lighting is just right. The photo is successful because of the angle it was taken at because it seems like we’re leaning in to talk to her. If  I were to change anything in this photo I would only create a more shallow depth of field.


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