Blue Sky Café Food Photography

My group (Team 4) were in charge of taking picture of the Classic Chef Salad, Chicken Pesto Wrap, Cookies, and the Spa Water. We had to use flash technique where we bounce light from the flash unit on to a reflector and then on the food. We had to take a picture of the salad in the tray. For the wrap we had to take a picture in the tray and plate. For the cookies we had to take a picture to make them look yummy in a tray. For the Spa Water we just has to make it look delicious and relaxing. This was to create a catalogue for Chef Gilbert and his menu item.


I wish I could have change the setting of the place. I think that it was difficult to work because it was a bit dark and the flash was too harsh for the direct. I think the food would have looked better in the sun light outside. We had also said that we wanted a light box but my group completely forgot about it. I wish we would have remembered to make it easier for us to fill in the shadows. I think this was a fun experience because I get hands on what I want to do as my side job when I am bored. I really liked my group we got along well and worked well. I would like to thank you, Chef Gilbert, Rosa and the other guy (sorry I don’t know his name) for the opportunity and help in accomplishing the photo shoot.

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