10 Photo Essay Tips

  1. First you must find a topic that interest you so you can display that in the photos.
  2. Do your research on the topic. Educate yourself on the subject so you can better portray it.
  3. Let the photo essay develop on its own. You can’t force it to be how you may have originally pictured it, you have to let things flow and work with that.
  4. There’s always something there. You can find good subjects and topics anywhere, keep taking photos until you find it. Doing this can help you find a subject you want to base the whole photo essay around.
  5. Take pictures of everything. You are bound to capture interesting shots if you continuously take many pictures.
  6. Find the Real Story behind your photo. Think about the story that goes along with the moment you captured and how it contributes to the photo essay.
  7. Use emotions as a connecting point. Don’t have the subject fake their emotions, capture how they are feeling in that very moment and it will help the audience identify with the photo.
  8. Plan your shots. You want to go into the photoshoot with an idea of how to capture certain shots, even if it doesn’t become part of the end result. Each shot will represent a part of your story so it would be beneficial to somewhat plan it out.
  9. Ask for help with photo selection. You should get opinions on your work so you can put the best forward. You also want to get the clients input on it because they are what the photo essay is based upon.
  10. Share your photo essay. Don’t keep your work secluded, share it whether it be posting it to social media or sending it to an organization that may benefit from it. Put your work out there for the world to see and experience.

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