> ASSIGNMENT 2 : CRITIQUE {“A Death in Manila” } <

1.Describe : In the first picture it shows a man laying on the floor who has just been murdered and a woman who can be his wife hugging him. The second photo is in a funeral, the man is in a casket and his wife is looking over him, she has her mouth open and I can imagine she’s talking to him. In the third picture she seems calmer, she’s sitting on a chair on her phone with her hand over the casket. In the fourth photo there’s many people around, and the wife is laying down on chairs. In the fifth picture the wife and her or his family are sitting around a table, she looks very upset.
2.Analye : In the first picture the angle can be birds eye view or high angle also the light is coming from the right side so it makes the shadows be on the left side. The second photo is eye level, also the lighting is all over not focusing on one specific spot. The third photo can be rule of thirds because she’s sitting on the right side and there’s nothing to balance her on the left side. The three other photos are all eye level and they all have outside lighting I don’t studio lighting was used.
3.Interpret : These photo’s obviously communicate that it’s about dead and about someone that passed away. The emotion it presents is sad, depressing, it’s a very emotional topic. Before I read what it was about just looking at the pictures I thought maybe the man on the floor got ran over or something like that because he’s in the middle of the street, but after reading everything it has to do with someone thinking that this guy was selling drugs even though he wasn’t, but I guess where they live people just have to think you’re doing it and they can kill you.
4.Evaluate/Judge : The author definitely expressed what he was trying to show in his photos. I like that he showed what happens to a family after someone they love dies, I think it’s very cool because if people are doing bad thinks they can see that it isn’t only going to affect them, it destroys there whole family and friends. They could of improved by incorporating more compositions into the photos, for me the only one that had a wow factor was the very first one because it was a very good picture on its own and then he edited it and it made it look even better.

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