Performers Critique

Describe: The photos in the photo essay Performers by Gordon Parks display various types of famous performers such as Oprah Winfrey, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and many more. He captured shots of them performing, candids of small and large groups of people, and a few portraits. It shows us a behind the scenes insight of the life of a performer.

Analyze:The photos were taken using eye level angled shots. He uses framing subject in the photo of Geraldine Page, He uses butterfly lighting on the photo of George London. He uses rule of odds for a many photos to create a natural effect and help one subject stand out from the rest. Leading lines is also used in the photo of Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet. Rule of thirds is also used horizontally in a few photos. The types of lighting used varies from natural lighting, butterfly lighting, short lighting, and broad lighting.

Interpret: The photos create a lighthearted mood because it reveals the true essence of many performers, allowing the viewer to feel a connection with the photos. I hadn’t originally expected there to be many off guard photos taken of the performers; I thought it would be more of them in action, so it was nice to see them more as a person, rather than a performer.

Evaluate: The photographer was successful in making his message clear throughout the photos. I liked his style of shooting, the way the photos came out are visually stunning and easy to read. There isn’t really anything that can be improved but I may have added a few more portraits of some of the artist.

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