I decided to make my photo essay on my twin sisters and kind of due a “day in the life” of what they do. My sister’s names are Jeannette & Gisselle there 27 years old making them older than me but not in appearance hahaha. Their special needs so even though their 27, in their heads their actually about 5-7 years of age. I decided to do a day in the life of them because most people think that special need kids can’t do much so this is my attempt to change their minds. In the first picture I just took a simple picture to introduce them, so on the left that’s Gisselle she’s the nice one, on the right is Jeannette she’s the more sassy with an attitude one. The second picture is them at their baseball game, they play soccer, basketball, and obviously baseball. The third picture is Gisselle singing, both of them lovvvvve to sing, my bedroom is right next to hers so I get to hear her sing Let it Go from Frozen almost every single day, fun. The fourth photo is of movies, it’s a simple photo but has meaning to it, so my sisters leave there room a certain way, so the movies are just an example of how they organize their rooms, but let’s say I switch the Scooby doo movie with the high school musical movie, THEY’LL KNOW, if you move anything in their rooms they’ll know, idk it’s just crazy to me like they’re really smart. The last and final photo is of Jeannette crying, there obviously not real tires because I would just take a picture of her crying, but I just wanted to show this because it happens. Many days my sisters come home crying, so my mom asks why and they say people are staring at them all weird and they don’t like it, it’s really sad because you would think they don’t know why people are staring at them, but they do, and it breaks our hearts because if people were staring at you all the time I don’t think anyone would like that, their normal people like us and shouldn’t be treated differently.

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