JL’s First Communion

In my photo essay I decided to document my cousin Joseluis Guzman First Communion. In this event is about getting for the first time the bread and wine of Jesus Christ. Our family is Catholic and takes this event very seriously by attending the mass in the morning and then in the evening the parent next to the Godparents throw in a party to celebrate the occasion. In my first picture I documented what is the most important part of the mass which is when he blesses the bread and wine of Christ. The next picture that I took was of my cousin taking a sip of wine for the first time in his life. I wanted to capture this moment because it usually funny and I wanted him to save this moment of his life so he can look back on it. On the third picture I photographed Joseluis in the middle of the alter of the place where he got his First Communion and will forever be the place where he experience this holy sacrament. In the fourth picture I photographed the cake. I took a picture because I found it funny how we celebrate this event like a birthday because it is a new time in his life and that deserves some cake. In the late picture I took a picture of the tradition that we have for any religious events which is called a “bolo.” This is where the Godfather brings change and throws it for the kids to gather just for fun. I really had a great time photographing this event.

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