Thursday 9/17/20: Refraction Photography!

In this lesson you will learn how to create a photograph of a refracted image. You will then edit the photographs using your mobile phone, Snapseed app, or Photopea.

Below are examples of some of the refraction photographs you could take after following these tutorials.

What is refraction?

1.Refraction is what happens when light waves (or radio waves etc) travel through mediums of different density. For example, when light waves travel through objects such as glass and water. The light wave is ‘deflected’ (changes direction) as it travels through. This can look very cool visually.

2. Do a quick Google image search of ‘refraction photographs‘. Look at the effect that happens when light travels through air, water and glass.

3. Choose your favorite refracted image and save it to your device.

4. Describe what is happening to the light in your image. How does it get refracted?  Go to the “Post Your Questions Here” channel in our Teams. Post your saved image with your response.

1. Watch this YouTube video which will show you how to take a refracted photograph:

2. Find a nice clear glass and fill it with water. Then search your house for clothes, paper, cushions, etc. that have interesting patterns on them. Set up your shot and place the glass of water in front. Take a variety photographs from different angles. You could also experiment with placing objects behind the water and document how the image is refracted with photographs.

Edit Your Refracted Photographs

Once you have taken your photographs you will need to choose your 2 best results and edit them. There are 3 options for you at this stage:

Option 1 – Edit your photographs on your computer using

Option 2 – Edit your photographs on your mobile device using the Snapseed app.

Option 3 – Edit your photographs on your mobile device using the gallery editing tools.

Decide which option you want to use and watch the video tutorial below to learn how to do it.

Option 1: Using Photopea on a Computer

Option 2: Using Snapseed


Option 3: Using the image editing tools on your mobile device


Last Step

Turn in your two BEST edited photographs to the “Refraction Photography” Teams assignment!

Then…do a little dance.  Dooo it.




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