Tuesday 9/22/20: Adding 3-D Text to a Shoe Photo!


Due: Thursday 9/24/20

For this project I want you take one of your photos of your shoes that you took in the last assignment below and follow the YouTube tutorial to add the name of the brand to your photo. If your shoes do not have a brand name, you can add your name to the shoe.

  1. Choose your favorite shoe shot from the last assignment. One showing the laces is quite good for this.

  2. Make sure you edit the image BEFORE you add text to it. You could turn it black & white or tinker with the contrast and saturation to make the colors pop. You can use your mobile phone or the free Snapseed app to edit.

  3. Then watch the following YouTube video which will show you how to add and edit text using Snapseed:

4. Go back to Teams and turn in your edited image to the assignment: 3-D Shoe Text.

Below are examples of the photograph you will create following this lesson:

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