Tuesday 9/22/20: Submit Brainstorming for Mix & Match Photo Project…

Today you will be given class time to work on your Mix and Match Photo Project (instructions were posted yesterday…scroll down to view).

  1. You will need to complete steps 1 & 2 in a notebook (preferably).  When you are done brainstorming ideas for imagery and you have decided on what mood + rules of composition you will use for each photo, write it down.
  2. Take a photo of your brainstorming/notes/sketches.
  3. Submit that photo of your brainstorming/notes to the channel on Teams titled, “Post Your Questions Here”.  You will receive points for posting. (See screenshot below…) This is due this class period!!
  4. Then you can continue to step 3 which is your photo shoot!  Use class time to work on this so you don’t have so much homework! 🙂

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