Monday 10/5/20: Finish Double Exposures + Photo Critiques

Hope you had a great weekend and welcome to week 7!  After this week there are only 2 more to go! We will discuss finals next week.

First, I need everyone to click the link corresponding to their class period below. Add your name first name and last initial as your “nickname”, watch the video, and answer the question at the end.  Do this by tomorrow for extra credit!

Period 2:


Period 3:

After you complete and turn in your double exposure photos move on the the Photo Critique Assignment…

Photo Critique Assignment

Take another look at the Rules of Composition photos below.  Click your favorite one to enlarge it, then copy and paste it into the Word document provided in the Teams assignment: “Photo Critique”. Answer the questions in the document about that photo.

Due by the end of the day today!



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