Thursday 10/15/20: Padlet+Edpuzzle+Study Guide Collaboration

1.Upload one of your most recent photo projects to Padlet.  You can choose one from: Light & Shadow, Double Exposure, Cloning Photo (this one was extra credit), Speak Out/Be Seen, or Depth of Field Practice. Title it with the project name and your name too. The Padlet link and QR code are located in Teams (General channel and the Links channel).

2. Click Here to Complete this Edpuzzle Assignment!

3. Join one of the following channel meetings to complete the Study Guide, Part II assignment with classmates:

    • Video and Mic ON-if you’re willing to fully interact with others to collaborate
    • Mic On ONLY- if you’re willing to unmute yourself to collaborate
    • Use Chat ONLY-if you’re willing to use the chat to collaborate
    • You can stay in our normal class meeting if: you want to work on other work that you’re behind on.

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