Tuesday 10/20 Period 2 & Thursday 10/22 Period 3: Upload to Padlet + Photo Reflection


Upload the following projects to Padlet (title with the project name and your name!):

  • Your best Meticulous Photograph (or all 4 on a collage)
  • Your Flat Lay Photograph (the edited one)


  • Speak Out/Be Seen
  • Your best Double Exposure



Type a reflection on your own Word document that addresses the following:

  • Which of the recent projects above do you think you did the best on?
  • Which was the most challenging and why?
  • Which project do you wish you could do over?  How?

Head over to Padlet.  Choose one photo from the projects mentioned above (taken by another classmate, of course).  Answer the following prompts about it…

  • Describe the photo (plus project title and student name):
  • How was this photo taken? (camera angles, rules of composition, lighting, arrangement, etc)
  • Why do you like this photo/why did you pick this one?
  • Do you think you can take a photo like this one?

Attach this document to the Teams assignment: “10/20 Reflection” and click Turn In!


Once you are finished with these tasks, you can work on missing assignments to improve your grade!


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