Thursday 11/12/20: Padlet Upload, Environmental Portraits, & Brian Harkin Interview Notes

Part 1.

Padlet Gallery Wall Uploads: The link is provided in the Teams link channel.

  • Upload your best fruit/veggie photograph to your class period Padlet gallery wall. Title your gallery post “Fruit/Veggie” + your first name and last name initial.
  • THEN, upload your best shallow DoF scavenger hunt photograph. Title your gallery post, “Shallow DoF” + your first name and last initial.
  • *Advanced Photo students only: upload your egg lighting photo collage and also upload your best shadow play portrait.*

Part 2.

Discussing Chris Crisman vs. Winnie Au Venn Diagram from Tuesday.

Turn in all your notes in Teams.

Chris Crisman YouTube Video: Subjects in Their Spaces

Part 3. (Homework)

Visit the link below….
Tips from a Pro_ Brian Harkin Environmental Portrait Photography
Answer the following questions about the interview you read.
This should be done in your notebook (or Word doc) and titled “Brian Harkin Interview”. (Do not turn these in yet.)

  1. According to Harkin, what is an environmental portrait?
  2. How did he get started in photography?
  3. Harkin mentions that he started his freelance career after college. Look up what “freelance” or “freelance photography” is and explain in your own words:
  4. What does Harkin say are some characteristics of a strong environmental portrait?
  5. EXTRA CREDIT: Harkin shares the type of photo equipment he uses. Do an online search to find out the price range of the camera AND the 3 camera lenses that he uses.


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