Friday the 13th (again): Gallery Walk + Sneak peek of upcoming project + Weekend Challenge

Happy Friday, fellow photogs!

First, I want to share the websites of the photographers I have been talking about lately (or who’s work I’ve featured):

Chris Crisman

Winnie Au

Aaron Lee Fineman

Brian Harkin

Dean Riggott

Padlet Gallery Walk: 

-Heart/like as many photos that you think look great!

-Then seek out the best fruit/veggie photo and the best shallow DoF photo to leave a comment (can’t be your own photo). *Advanced photo students: choose the best egg lighting and best shadow portrait.

-In the comments, explain exactly what you think makes their photo so great and leave your name next to your comment.

Upcoming Project: Photo Essay/Telling a Story through Photographs

Next week we will be discussing other types of photography that are used to tell stories such as: documentary and lifestyle photography.

Using many styles of photography, you will be documenting your surroundings to give us a glimpse into your life.  Don’t worry, we’ll discuss all the challenges involved with this. More details to come next week.

Weekend Challenge:

Capture one person in their natural environment (most likely your own home or someone at work if you have a job) using great depth of field. It can even be yourself.

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