Thursday 12/10/20: Photo Essay Discussions + more!

In case you need to revisit the photo essay project details:

Photo Essay Personal Project_PPT

Photo Essay Personal Project_PDF Format

1. Go to the Flipgrid link provided in the general channel in Teams.

2. Pick 3 videos of other classmates to watch and provide feedback on. The feedback can be typed or recorded (you can record video or just audio).

3. The feedback can include:

    • What do you think of their photo essay?  What do you like about it?
    • Does it need to be more specific?
    • Did they provide actual/specific examples of the type of photos they hope to  capture?  If not, can you provide some suggestions?
    • Do you have some ideas for them so their photo essay can be successful?

4. Continue working on your college applications (and for those who already applied: keep checking your email for the one that has your college ID number!). College Application Steps with Links

5. Continue working on missing assignments!!  Let me know if you need help!

6. HOMEWORK: tomorrow for class you will need a jar, glass, or vase to photograph!

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