Monday 12/14/20: Bokeh, que?

Do a quick Google Image search of: “bokeh” or “bokeh photography”.

Today I want to share some tips that you can experiment with over the holiday break. 

1. Here we learn how to create a “bokeh” effect with a smartphone.  


Another way to create bokeh effect is to simply focus on a subject near you, and leave plenty of space between the lights and that subject.  

When using a DSLR camera, you use aperture priority mode (Av) with a small f-stop number such as f2.8 or f1.4, or as low as you can go.

2. Here are some different tips on taking photos of holiday light decorations:

3. And finally, some ideas to try using lights with portraits!

Give any of these a try sometime this week or during our break then upload your best results to Padlet so we can see what you created! 


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