Friday 2/12/2: Capturing Life

Today’s Agenda:

  • Download the Snapseed app (free) to use next week!
  • Gordon Parks Photo Critique Tutorial
  • Behind the Scenes for Segregation Story
  • “Capturing Life” Photo Assignment

“Capturing Life” Photo Assignment

In the video we watched yesterday, Gordon Parks mentions that when documenting with photography, he doesn’t feel it’s important to express what he’s thinking, but rather that the photos allow the world to see what others are thinking and going through.

Your assignment this long weekend is to capture life as it happens.  Try to capture genuine moments that may express emotion or give us a glimpse into your household or life. 

Choose your best 2-3 photos to submit on Tuesday 2/16/21.

Duplicate them on your phone before you edit them.

Make your photos black and white by bringing down the saturation in the editing adjustments. Use the rest of the editing adjustments to create the look you want (brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, definition).

Submit a statement that tells us a little bit about what is happening in the photos and what you were trying to capture. (Your choice of format: Word, screenshot of notes app, etc.)

For examples of capturing everyday moments-even inside your home, take a look at this photo assignment by Gordon Parks:

The Fontenelle Family, 1967


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