Thursday 3/11/21: Update Portfolios + Composition Quiz

Today’s Agenda:

  • Update YOUR Student Portfolios
  • Upload your BEST Mix and Match photo to Class Gallery Wall
  • Take Rules of Composition Open-Notebook Quiz
  • Complete Double Exposure Photos

1. Update your personal student portfolio with the following projects (upload individual photos, not collages). Don’t forget to title the photo and explain the project.

  • best rule of thirds photo/s
  • your best fill the frame photo/s
  • your best framing device photo/s
  • your best mix and match photo/s

2. Then upload your best Mix and Match photo to the class gallery wall if you haven’t already!

In the General channel on Teams you will find a link to a Rules of Composition Quiz.  You can take this quiz during class if you’re finished with your double exposures.  If not, it is your homework to take it before tomorrow’s class! You may use your notes, rules of composition activity, and the PowerPoint from class.

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