Friday 3/12/21

Today’s Agenda:

  • Review Quiz
  • Mix & Match Gallery Walk
  • Discuss Finals Week
  • Discuss Summit Testing Schedule after Spring Break
  • Extra Credit: Photographer Report

Mix and Match Gallery Walk!

Visit our class gallery wall to look at the Mix and Match projects displayed there. 

Period 2 Gallery Wall

Period 3 Gallery Wall

Period 4 Gallery Wall

Like (heart) as many photos as you love. 

Comment on EACH Mix and Match photo with the following:

  1. What mood do you get from the photo?
  2. Name one rule of composition that you see demonstrated in the photo.

Finals schedule next week: regular class periods

Tuesday 3/16: Periods 1 & 3

Thursday 3/18: Periods 2 & 4

Your final will cover the following:


Rules of Composition PowerPoint Link

Practice quiz links for you to use as study guides will be posted in the general channel today after school.


Extra Credit 

Famous Photographer PowerPoint Instructions_March 2021

Due Thursday 3/18/21

No late extra credit accepted!




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