Monday & Tuesday 4/12-4/13: Shallow DOF Scavenger Hunt

Please complete Depth of Field Activity #1 and #2 before you begin this:

Shallow Depth Of Field Scavenger Hunt

Due: Wednesday April 14th

Practice taking photos with SHALLOW depth of field.  That means only your main subject is in focus and the rest blurs out.  You can use Portrait Mode, the Focos app, or simply use distance (get close to subject!) to achieve a shallow depth of field. Have fun with this and get as creative as you like!

Capture the following with SHALLOW depth of field:

  1. Portrait of one person (another person OR yourself)
  2. Photo of an animal (can be real or a toy/figurine…)
  3. Something funny, silly, strange, or interesting (your choice!)
  4. A kitchen utensil or appliance
  5. Something that you use for school, work, or a hobby

Submit photos as individual files on Teams but please label with which number it represents. 

You will be graded on:

  • achieving SHALLOW depth of field while the main subject is in focus
  • good exposure/lighting
  • thoughtful composition and camera angle
  • editing enhances the photo (don’t go overboard!)

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