Friday 4/16/21: Wide Depth of Field Project

Today’s Agenda:

  • Review Environmental Portrait and Forced Perspective Notes (posted yesterday)
  • Environmental Portraits PPT
  • Forced Perspective Videos
  • Wide DOF Photo Project

Click here for Environmental Portraits PowerPoint notes

Forced Perspective Photography Tutorials:

Wide Depth of Field Photo Project!

You have the choice to either create an Environmental Portrait OR a Forced Perspective photograph for this project!

Take as many photos as necessary to get some good results. Remember that wide depth of field is key for these types of photography!

Pick your best one to edit and turn in on Teams.

Turn in a screenshot of your camera roll to show all the photos you took to get the best one.

Due Wednesday April 21st.

Grading on:

  • achieving wide DOF
  • good exposure/lighting
  • demonstrates thoughtfulness/workmanship
  • appropriate editing

Environmental Portrait Student Examples:

Forced Perspective Student Examples:

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