Tuesday 4/27/21: Shoot Your Fruits & Veggies!

Fruit or Veggie Still Life

In this lesson you are going to take fabulous photographs of  a fruit or veggie!

  1. Before you start do a Google image search of still life fruit photography and look at some amazing photographs. You can also check out the work of Haniyeh Nikoo for more inspiration.

  2. Then open up this presentation and READ EVERY SLIDE! You will learn how to make dramatic still life photos of fruits & veggies. This project is really easy, and can be really beautiful if you take it seriously and edit it well. I am excited to see what you come up with!

  3. Choose a fruit or veggie to photograph and set up you scene. Remember to have a simple surface and backdrop. Your surface could a table, counter, plate, or cutting board. Use a shirt, sheet, towel or set up a paper background if you want to hide details in the distance. (The PowerPoint slides provides more details on this!) Think of yourself as a fruit and veggie photographer and you are promoting this food item for a magazine.

  4. I suggest taking at least 10 shots, with different angles, lighting and compositions. Avoid front lighting, instead try side and back lighting. (The PPT slides give more details!)

  5. Crop and edit using Snapseed or your phone by making the shot black & white or make the color pop out. (The presentation gives more details!) Crop the shot to make the composition perfect.

  6. Go back to Teams and turn in your best 3 edited photos + screenshot of your 10+ photos. Due Thursday!

Inspiration Gallery below.  If you want to check out the student photos from last session, head over to the Photo 1 Gallery tab above on this website and scroll towards the bottom!

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