Monday 4/26/21: Peer Photo Critique

Today’s Agenda:

  • Answer the warm up question in the General channel on Teams (Aperture Quiz on Thursday!)
  • Peer Photo Critique Assignment
  • Work on missing projects and assignments

Peer Photo Critique

Visit the Photo 1 Gallery tab on THIS WEBSITE (NOT the class gallery wall on Padlet) to view your peer’s work from the latest depth of field projects: Shallow DOF Scavenger Hunt + Wide DOF Project (Environmental Portrait or Forced Perspective). These photos are in the first 6 rows.

Choose one shallow DOF photo you really love and one wide DOF photo you also love.  They can’t be your own photos.

Copy and paste the photos onto a Word document and answer the following questions about each one:

  1. What is the main subject in the photo (or what is happening in the photo)?
  2. What camera angle was used?
  3. Do you see any rules of composition being used?  If so, where and how?  If not, which rule might have been easy to apply?
  4. What is the depth of field like in this photo?  Did they achieve the correct DOF for the project that it’s for?
  5. What could have been improved in the photo?  What do you love about the photo?


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