Monday 5/10/21: Free Shutter Speed Apps and more

Today’s Agenda:

-Discussing/catching up on the Foodie project: Photographing a Meal

-Shutter Speed Apps for upcoming photo experiments

-Update your student photo portfolios

Post a selfie if you got your tie dye on today in the Questions and Discussion channel on Teams! 🙂

PPT: Photographing a Meal Details

  • Take a screenshot of all your 24+ shots to turn in.
  • Put the edited “Must Have Shots” onto a collage to turn in (mimic, bird’s eye, high angle, side view, interaction, and preparation).
  • Turn in your very best/favorite shot edited and framed.

Due today!

FREE Shutter Speed Apps to Check Out:

(Some Android smartphones have a Pro Mode feature that allows you to change shutter speed.)

  • Lightroom (Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor)
  • Raw+
  • Yamera

See these apps in action:

Lightroom App Screen Recording Demo

Raw+ App Screen Recording Demo

Yamera App Screen Recording Demo

Update your Student Photo Portfolios

Remember to include a very brief description of the project with the photos you post.

  • Best Shallow DOF photos
  • Wide DOF (Environmental Portrait or Forced Perspective)
  • Photo in a Jar Effect
  • Best Fruit/Veggie photos
  • Best “Foodie Project: Photographing a Meal” photos

Still haven’t made a student portfolio??? (It will be part of your “finals” grade!) Here’s a video tutorial where I show you how to do it:

How to Make Your Student Photo Portfolio on Padlet

Let me know if you have any questions or need more assistance in setting it up.

Just for fun: close up photography of ants’ heads…Ant Portraits_National Geographic

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