Tuesday 5/11/21: Freeze Action Photography: “I’m Levitating”

Today’s Agenda:

  • Levitation Girl Article Questions
  • Freeze Action Photography Videos
  • Freeze Action Photography Assignment

Interview: Tokyo Photographer Reaches New Heights in “Levitation” Self-Portraits

Click Here to Read about Levitating Girl

Questions to answer in your shutter speed notes:

  1. What is the photographer’s name?
  2. Where did she get the idea for her series?
  3. What does she hope people will feel from her photo series?
  4. What is the minimum shutter speed she uses?
  5. How many times does she say she has to jump to get the right shot?
  6. Name at least 3 things she has to do so that she comes out looking natural and like she’s levitating rather than jumping in her photos?
  7. Check out the photo gallery below. Describe the photo you like best and why.

Video Tutorials:

Edpuzzle Version: https://edpuzzle.com/assignments/609afd27eea821413776062b/watch

Edpuzzle Version: https://edpuzzle.com/assignments/609afd7ac36be2417a929c10/watch

If your phone has the Burst Mode update:

Edpuzzle Version: https://edpuzzle.com/assignments/609afdbf831cb8416d238acc/watch

Freeze Action Photography

Shutter Speed (For Phones & Cameras)

Due Friday 5/14/21

  1. Find objects around your house or neighborhood that are moving fast and consistently. Examples include: A fan, water dripping from a faucet, a dog’s tail wagging, cars driving by, something thrown in the air, etc. If you have a person to photograph you could have them jump, run, flip their hair, dance, etc.
  2. Work in a bright space (outside or strong lighting). Most phones shoot at a high speed in bright lighting, but they don’t use an actual shutter.

  3. iPhones & Androids: Shoot in Burst Mode or Slo-Mo; Samsung Pro Mode lets you control Shutter Speed. Many other models also have Pro or Manual modes. Play with changing your lighting, burst mode, and increasing your shutter speed if you can. Remember the free apps I listed yesterday allow you to choose fast shutter speeds too.

  4. Take a bunch of pictures of different things moving until you get at least 3 that you really like. Edit the best 3 to make them look great and turn into Teams (separately, not in a collage).

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