Thursday 5/13/21: Work on assignments!

Today’s Agenda: Work on Assignments and Get Caught Up!

  • Freeze Action Photography (assigned 5/11/21, due tomorrow)
  • Shutter Speed Notes: Levitating Girl Article (from 5/11/21)
  • Foodie Project: Photographing a Meal (assigned 5/3/21)
  • Update your Student Portfolio with most recent photographic work
  • Shutter Speed Video with Questions from 5/7/21 (copy questions and correct answer in your shutter speed notes)
  • Fast vs Slow Shutter Speed Internet Photos (from 5/6/21)


Just for fun…famous photographer’s celebrity portraits where he asked them to jump:

Jumps | Philippe Halsman

Click here for “Jumping Portraits” Google Image Search

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