Tuesday 9/21/21: Photoshop Tutorials

Today’s Agenda:

  • Photoshop Hands-On Tutorials
  • Post and Turn in Symbolic Portrait w/ Shallow DOF (Depth of Field)

Photoshop Hands-On Tutorials

Category: Photo Editing

Skill Level: Beginner

Here’s how you get to the tutorials:

Use the bottom left search bar on your computer to search “Photoshop”. Click to Open the App.

After signing in with your student email (usually only necessary the first time you use Photoshop), go to “Help” at the top and select “Hands-On Tutorials”.

Use the category and skill level mentioned above (Category: Photo Editing, Skill Level: Beginner.  If the tutorials don’t show, restart your computer and try again.

Complete the tutorials marked with a BLUE dot ONLY, shown in the images below (13 total!).  They each take about 1 minute to complete.

After completing each tutorial, you will need to save your resulting image as a JPG file in your One Drive (see screenshots below).

Note: If your OneDrive doesn’t appear as an option, you need to type “OneDrive” in the bottom left search bar on your computer and sign in first. 

Post your 13 completed tutorial photos on your photo blog as a gallery.

Title it: ” My Photoshop Tutorial Images”.

Change link to media file, select your choice of columns, and thumbnail size. 

Publish, go to your published post to copy link, and submit in Teams! 

Good job!

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