Mon-Tues 10/4-10/5: Portraits w Various Depth of Field and Focal Lengths

Today’s Agenda:

  • Using Aperture Priority Mode to capture portraits with various depths of field and focal lengths

First, you will explore Aperture Priority Mode here:

Choose Aperture Priority mode and take a photo at every f-stop you see numbered (2.8-22).

Notice what happens to the depth of field when you go from a small f-stop number to a high f-stop number.

Using Portraits to explore Depth of Field & Focal Lengths

Objective: You will capture the portrait of your partner with a shallow & great depth of field taken at 6 different focal lengths (12 photos total).

Key tip before you start: the subject will remain in the same exact spot the whole time.  The photographer will need to get farther back as they increase their focal length in order to keep the photo composition consistent.

Use Aperture Priority Mode (Av).

Step 1: Use the shorter lens that comes with the camera.  Zoom all the way out at 18mm and choose the lowest f-stop number. Take a portrait of your partner from the chest up. Now choose the largest f-stop number and take another.

Step 2: Repeat the process for the following focal lengths with the short lens: 35mm & 55mm.

Step 3: Replace the camera lens with the larger zoom lens.  Repeat the process above with the following focal lengths: 70/75mm, 100mm, and 250/300 mm.









Step 4: Save the 12 photos you took on your One Drive.

Step 5: Publish a post with the 12 photos (Title: “Portraits Experiment with Various DOF and Focal Lengths”).  I suggest a gallery with 2 columns so it shows the two photos per focal length that you took.  No photo editing needed, just straight-out-of-camera photos.  Add captions so we know what f-stop and focal length you used in each photo (ex: f4.5, 55mm).

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