Wednesday 10/6/21: Metadata

Today’s Agenda:

  • Take the survey on General Channel on Teams
  • Retrieving Metedata from saved photos
  • Adding captions to yesterday’s fast shutter speed photos
  • Work on Past Due assignments and monthly challenge photos

The camera settings info you will need for photos includes:


A-aperture f-stop

S-shutter speed


F-focal length

Here’s an example of what it will look like when you give me this info in a caption:  Tv, f4.5, 1/600, ISO400, 55mm

Yesterday you had to post fast shutter speed photos taken by group members and some taken by you.

I now need you to add a caption with the camera settings ONLY to the photos that YOU TOOK.  

The following video shows you how to find the “metadata” info that you need:

Open your OneDrive from your File folder on your taskbar.

Find the photo on your OneDrive that you need the metadata info for and right click on it.

Select Properties at the bottom. Then click on the Details tab.  Scroll to find the Camera info.


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