Tuesday 11/2/21: Rules of Composition Blog Post Assignment

Today’s Agenda:

Rules of Composition Blog Post Assignment

Part 1-Finding and Saving Online Photo Examples:

Use any of the links provided here to find photo examples that demonstrate each of the rules of composition that we learned about yesterday.  You need one photo example for each rule (total of 8).  You cannot reuse photos that were already used in my PowerPoint, though! Rules of Composition PPT



Google Images “Photography”

When saving photos from the links above, be sure to click on the photo to view it larger, right click, and “save as” a JPEG to your OneDrive. (Change the file name to the rule it’s using before you hit “save”.) 

  1. Rule of Thirds
  2. Leading Lines
  3. Framing Device
  4. Simplicity
  5. Fill the Frame
  6. Pattern
  7. Symmetry
  8. Balance

Part 2-Blog Post Instructions:

Create one blog post that informs your viewers about the 8 rules of composition you just learned about.  Begin with an intro that explains what composition in photography means. Use your notes for reference and in your own words explain each rule of composition.  Then include your photo example that you saved AND explain how or where that photo uses the rule.

The format of the blog post is up to you.  You can put the photo examples in a gallery with the rule in the captions and your explanations can be below the gallery (make sure the gallery and explanations follow the same order).  Or you can insert each photo separately with the corresponding text above or below it.  Just make sure it is all organized so viewers can tell what each photo is supposed to be showing us.

Extra credit opportunity:

If you make all your photo examples match a theme you get extra credit points! (Example: all photos feature dogs, food, cars, beach scenes, holidays, etc.)

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