Adv. Photo Tues 12/7/21: Turn in Missing Work by Sunday!

Today’s Agenda:

-Get caught up!  Please let me know if you need help.  Missing work will be accepted up until midnight on Sunday 12/12/21!

I will be available after school tomorrow (Wednesday) from 2pm-3pm, if you need extra time or help. 🙂

-Final Project (Monthly Challenge #3) is due by Thursday 12/16/21 at 3:30pm!

**TIP: I recommend spending time planning out your photos for your final project.  What 3 themes are you choosing?  What kind of photos will you take for those themes?  What camera angles and rules of composition can you use? Write or sketch out your ideas! 

-Check your grade on Q and let me know if you have questions or concerns!

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