Thursday 12/9/21: Color Balance Extra Credit Assignment

Different types of light sources have a different Kelvin temperature.  This is why sometimes photos have a tint to them (indoor lighting usually emits warm temperatures making photos look yellow or orange).


The following folder contains 4 photographs that need to be color corrected. Download each photo and save them to your OneDrive:

Color Balance Folder w/ Images to Correct

  1. Open one photo at a time in Photoshop and add the Color Balance adjustment layer.
  2. Start with the midtones and drag the sliders for Cyan/Red, Magenta/Green, and Yellow/Blue.  Do it for highlights as well.  (You can try the shadows too but I don’t always find it necessary.)
  3. The idea is to determine if there is something white in the photo and use that as your reference point.  If not, use your best judgement!
  4. Export as a JPG when satisfied but rename the file before saving (so it doesn’t save over the existing original photo-you’ll need both).
  5. Post the before & after images on your blog. For each photo, tell me what color balance settings you used in the midtones and highlights (and shadows, if used).  So take a photo or write down your settings!


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