Thursday 1/27/22: Layer Mask Mash Ups!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Layer Mask Tutorial + Practice
  • Layer Mask Mash Up Assignment

Get a pair of headphones and watch the tutorial video below:

Photoshop Tutorial: Layer Mask Animal Mash Up

Mash Up Assignment

Objective: use layer masks to create a variety of mash ups!

1. Using the steps from the video create, save, and post the following to your blog:

  • Animal Mash Up

2. PLUS…another mash up of your choice (choose ONE of the following):

  • Human + Animal Mash Up
  • “Put Yourself in History”
  • Surreal Scene/Creature

Posting instructions:

Add your animal mash up photo along with the 2 original photos you used in gallery mode.  Just for fun, name your new species!

In the same post, add a second gallery with your second mash up of choice + the original photos that you used for it.

Deadline: Tuesday February 1st.

To add grain (noise) to a photo (like for the history photo option):


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