Marvelous Monday 3/14/22: Creating Folders in One Drive

Today’s Agenda:

  • Creating organized folders in One Drive
  • Unseen Observer Scavenger Hunt Assignment (Challenge #1 due this week)
  • This week we begin the Studio Portraits with your mask!  Reserve your day to use studio during class or 2nd lunch!

Create a folder in your One Drive titled, The Unseen Observer.

In that folder create 4 more folders:

  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. Studio Portraits_6
  3. Studio Still Life_4
  4. Environments_6

In the Scavenger Hunt folder create 5 folders with the scavenger hunt challenges you plan to try.  (You can do all of them but I will require only 5 of the challenges for points).

Portrait Pose Ideas

You need 4 from shoulders and up and 2 from waist and up.  Total 6 that you will edit and turn in.  So take lots of photos!!

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