Adv. Photo-Monday 4/4/22: Still Life Photography this week

***Camera settings tip: Higher f-stops are recommended for still life photography in order to get all items in focus.  This may also mean using a tripod IF your shutter speed has to be less than 1/100.***

Bring in a variety of 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional objects that represent you or your unseen observer. In the studio create several Still Life photographs of just the mask and a combination of 5 or more 2 dimensional & 3 dimensional objects (letters, other photographs, maps, organic materials) that relate to the person in the mask. Play with scale and heights: big objects next to smaller objects, objects elevated on different platforms, etc. 4 PHOTOS IN FINAL (4 DIFFERENT SET UPS). Due by next Monday 4/11/22.

#YOURTURN — Secure (

PW: shs-dl2022!

Just want to remind you of this description of the Unseen Observer Project on the website. If you feel you want to change direction with your project, it’s not too late. We can even print another photo mask if needed.

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