Wednesday 4/20/22: Photo Essay Project Ideas + Video

Today’s Agenda:

  • Video on ways to create a photo essay
  • Look at more photo essay examples from IG
  • Sharing our ideas with the class on Padlet!

What are the 5 main type of shots that are described in this video?

How to create a unique photo essay, telling stories with your photographs for beginners – YouTube

Share your Photo Essay Idea(s) on Padlet!

The Padlet link for your class period had been placed on Teams in the Class Blog Link channel.

Post a brief explanation of the idea(s) you’re considering for your photo essay project so far.  This is pretty much the same explanation most of you already provided to me in the last assignment (Photo Essay Tips).  You don’t have to identify yourself on the Padlet post if you don’t want to.

Worth 15 points.

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