Wednesday 8/17/22: Finish Gallery Walks + “Bracket” Photo Project

Today’s Agenda:

  • Those who still need to complete the gallery walk review sheet will work on that today (student links provided below)
  • Introduction to Bracket on Manual Mode Photo project

Alphabet Photography Review Sheet Assignment

Here are the links to your classmate’s finished projects for you to review.  Remember, you need to review 3 different ones.  If it asks for a passcode to view the links, it is: photo.

ABC Scavenger Hunt – Fire Slicing Photos (

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – Shadows (

ABC’S Scavenger Hunt! | Anahi’s Photo World (

Alphabet Scave (

Alphabet Photography – Edu’s Blog (

Alphabet scavenger hunt – Ash’s photography 🙂 (

ABC PHOTOGRAPHY – Syana’s Photo Blog (

alphabet scavenger hunt – nathaniel b fanpage (

Alphabet Photography Scavenger Hunt » Julissa’s Photo Blog (


Bracket on Manual Mode Photo Assignment

Introduction to Manual Mode

3-Manual Mode Assignment

Due: Monday 8/17/22

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